Tiger Eye Pendant Necklace
  • Tiger Eye Pendant Necklace

    Tiger Eye Pendant Necklace 

    1.5 MM Black Wax Rope Cord


    TIger Eye is a high frequency stone that promotes a mindful disposition; allowing us to pay attention to the small details, focusing on our senses, emotions and thoughts. Tiger Eye enhances our decisions making skills by reducing our built in flight or freeze responses in the moment. With so many new businesses arising, Tiger Eye will support your journey of starting your own business; providing personal power, energy, emotional stability and protection aganist negative intentions. 


    **Please remember crystals are amazing however, they are used for spiritual healing ONLY and they are not to be used as a replacement for medical treatments or advice. Please check in with a healthcare professional for any medical concerns if necessary. 

    Each stone/crystal has been smuged by sage to dispose of any negative or unwanted intention. 

    Leave stones/crystals by your window during the full moon or smudge them with a cleansing herb (sage, polysanto wood, etc.)