Meditate Your Problems Away!

Maliya Smith, M.S. LPC

Today our topic is meditation, which has been a very trending topic within our recent years. I know the term mindfulness is really making its way in the mental and physical health fields, as well as in the school systems. However, let’s be clear that mindfulness is a form of meditation. Mindfulness is the act of paying attention and being present. There are numerous forms of meditation. 

What is meditation? 

According to Dr. UShaka Craig, who is a clinical psychologist, His book is literally wonderful, I would highly recommend everyone to buy it! Meditation is an ancient practice used by African priests and scientists as a means to holistic healing and obtain spiritual enlightenment which is the highest and most purest form for your spiritual awakening.  Meditation cultivates balance within all aspects of your being; mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. Bringing mental clarity and emotional regulation in daily triggering activities (Ra-Nebu Anpu, 2017). Meditation is one of the directest means of self-perception, it truly allows your to understand your true self. Mediation is truly concentration which we all have to do in various ways however, it is just the concentration within (Muktananda,1981) . Allowing you to become go deep within self exploring your past, present and future (Ra-Nebu Anpu, 2017). 

Mediation helps with your brain processing and functioning so we can better focus in school or at work, or in those long meetings that you really don’t want to be in.Meditation is key to healing your depression which slows the brain waves down and using meditation to help quiet the mind will speed those brainwaves up.  Strengthens relationships with yourself by killing a lot of that negative self-talk, which decreases your anxiety, in return helps build the relationships around you. It truly gives you authentic peace.  

This peace through meditation shall be gained regardless of the outside circumstances because your inner will begin to have peace so that your outer world can change. Meditation is really you breaking the this matrix of maladaptive thought processes and low vibrational emotions and realizing that you are amazing and you can accomplish anything. 

How to mediate 

I like to play different frequencies when I meditate usually using 432hz or _____ (helps to  get me more a mediative state.  

You can sit up and lay down but you should be comfortable but alert. 

I would close my eyes but you can definitely meditate with your eyes.

 Focus on your breathing ->breathing in through your nose and out through your nose. Your diaphram should expand as you inhale and deflate as you exhale (try to focus on that the first 5-7 minutes) - your breathe is your key to healing, it is the link between the physical and the spiritual.

Acknowledge your thoughts and what you are feeling being mindfulness, don’t get upset with yourself but try to focus on letting the thoughts go. Please don’t get frustrated with 

My mediation experience 

I actually started doing a little meditation summer of 2016 and I remember I could literally only meditation for like 1 minute at a time, I would be fighting myself. But summer of 2017 was when I started to meditate on a consistent basis. And once I started meditating my life changed completely, it was almost crazy how it happened. I started becoming more intune with myself, and open. My thoughts went from very fast pace and negative to extremely calming and positive. I am so intune with my own voice since I got rid of all the negative thoughts and influences that I can feel when negative energy is around me because my thoughts my change. I use to have such bad anxieties about public speaking, going places by myself or other things but once I started meditation on them, everything ceased. But one of my favorite things to do it manifest in meditation. You can create your reality once you truly find intunement, but that is another video for another day! 

I am going to do a video coming up about my meditation experiences and crystal healing with meditation. 

Peace & Blessings, 


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