Meet Maliya

The "Lighthouse" 

Wasup Y'all! 

Thank you for gracing my page with your presence! You are reason for a divine reason. Trust the process. 


I am unconventional healer. Yes I have a masters in counseling and I am a licensed therapist but my calling is more spiritual and multidimensional. I don't believe we can truly examine mental health, unless we look at it from a holistic perspective. 

I started my healing journey in the fall of 2016 when I started graduate school at Eastern Illinois University, I  started mediating and my family relationships and dynamics began to shift drastically.'

Growing up, I was always told, "your childhood is great" even though things were very toxic and abusive. I was trapped in a mental bubble of normalizing trauma and abusive behaviors. 

I have practiced every technique that I teach in my own healing journey. I went through the process of reprogramming my subconscious mind by releasing deep multigenerational traumas and pains that cultivated  self - hate,  depression, anxiety, physical pain, tightness, anemia and many other physical issues. I used dance, movement, yoga, play, mediation, visualization, massage therapy, acupuncture, journaling, spirit talks, laughing, crying, singing, poetry, yoni healing rituals, reading, astrology and nature to expand my conscious and unblock stagnant energy and repressed emotions from subconscious. 

This process has been so challenging but extremely rewarding and I can only thank the divine for how far I have come. To learn more about how I healed myself through yoga and deep breathing, learn more about the course I created to transform my life #BREATHEINTOMYSOUL 8 week healing course.