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Frequently asked questions

What are crystals and stones?

Crystals and stones were known in many ancient cultures, rituals and practices for their healing and strengthening purposes, such as Hinduism and Buddhism. Crystals are formed by atoms coming together to create a uniformed cluster with the presence of water, carbon or various other elements. Healing crystals are used for spiritual enlightenment, enhancing of meditation and yoga practices, emotional regulation, mental clarity, behavior awareness and modification. They support with chronic pain and tension. There is no scientific evidence that proves the healing purposes of crystals, there is only anecdotal data.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a multidimensional practice that is cultivated to foster harmony within the mind- body connection. A consistent yoga practice has a vast variety of health benefits including lower the blood sugar levels, decreasing chances of diabetes, heart disease, cancers, low immunity and many other conditions. Yoga increases blood flow in the body, releasing tension and increasing the suppleness of the musculoskeletal system.

Can I still do yoga if I am really stiff?

Absolutely! Stiffness means your body needs yoga! When you are stiff, yoga can be extremely uncomfortable and in some cases painful. The breath is the most imperative component for helping to decrease the discomfort while in each position. It is important to understand that your stiffness is because your body is holding onto years of tension, this could be from sitting in a chair or a car all day or repressing emotions and trauma that has stored itself in parts of your body such as your shoulders, spine, or hips. Take your time and be kind to your body. Release all expectations, get to know your body and allow yourself to just "be."

Which crystal will work best for me?

This question is based on what you want to focus on or what you would like to heal within. Rose Quartz represents unconditional love, self- esteem and acceptance. Amethyst connects with peace, protection, and universal consciousness. Lapis Lazuli represents open communication, integrity and honesty. Tiger eye is best when focusing on intention, connecting to your power and stamina. Lastly, Sodalite represents emotional fluidity through stability and self-regulation.

What is Holistic Healing?

Holistic Healing is known as using alternative healing practices. This is any practice that deviates from conventional medicine, and surgical interventions. Holistic methods use the spiritual consciousness to look at the person as a whole by getting a multifaceted perspective of the human psyche. Holistic healing methods include yoga, art, music, movement, meditation, affirmations, physical therapy, acupuncture, clean eating. visualization, play, massage therapy, nature and many other practices.