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This 6 week healing course is designed to use holistic healing methods and conventional practices to detox the body physically//, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. Energy flow is synonymous to blood flow in the body; wherever there is energy blockage in the body,  mental and physical illness will begin to arise. It will manifest itself with intrusive thoughts, low vibrational emotions and maladaptive behaviors. 


The purpose of this course is to provide you with the foundation of self- integration. Understanding all aspects of who you are and how you perceive the world to key to a deeper sense of consciousness, which is ultimately freedom. We were born to be free, to travel the world, expand our knowledge, understand our history, cultural, true values and really connect to mama earth. We need to connect to who we truly are and your healing journey of self- discovery starts right here, Join me, let's work together.

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Holistic Healing 

Alternative forms of healing develop all aspects of the self, integrating them to develop a deeper sense of consciousness which opens the door to understanding and letting go of maladaptive behaviors and thought processes. In return, a person can obtain a more fulfilling life, and obtain self-mastery.  ​

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Yoga & Meditation 

In this course, you will have access to various types of yoga sessions and deep meditation practices that are geared to the unique parts of the self. You will learn how to move energy throughout the body by using the breath. Energy flow is important for mental and physical health, so we will be using these healing methods to unblock energy channels (chakras) and to unlock your true potential. One yoga class per week will be provided for each student.  

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Expression Through Creativity and Play  

This cleanse will unleash deep emotions wombs through our creative side by using movement, dance, art, poetry, painting, fasting, writing, yoga, meditation, music and exercise.  We can reprogram the brain by allowing our emotions to flow through us in a healthy way.